Steadicam services

With 10 years experience, Andrew Stankovich has worked on many jobs with his own Steadicam, here in Australia and overseas.

Vital Image can now supply three Steadicams, one a waterproof model which can be mounted on boats or yachts or anywhere where quality shots need to be obtained in hostile/water environments.

Vital Image supplied 2 Steadicam units to the Asian Games in Doha in November 2006 and 4 units to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

We have also worked on film clips with John Farnham, SuperJesus, Madison Avenue and Taxi Ride.

Our primary rigs are capable of carrying any film or video camera on the market.

Custom-made Australian engineering combined with space-age alloys make for a product we are providing successfully to production companies in Australia and around the world.

Vital Image also has a smaller and lighter rig used more for lightweight video cameras, DV/mini DV Cam and 16 mm film.

Coupled with our CineAlta 900R state-of-the-art video High Definition acquisition camera – or coupled with our other cameras for hire – our Steadicam options will bring vitality, innovation and freshness to the look of your production.

(Left: Andy Stankovich using Steadicam as part of the OB team broadcasting AFL games)

Ask us for our ‘combination’ rates should you want to hire any of our cameras with our Steadicam options.

Our PRIVACY POLICY is simple: where you may contact us by email, we undertake that we will not reveal your email address to anyone.