CineAlta 900R – in detail

If you want a cinematographic or ‘filmic’ look with the ease, convenience and cost-effectiveness of video acquisition, the CineAlta 900R is the ‘must have’ camera for your next production.

The CineAlta 900R delivers 35mm cinema quality images at selectable frame rates, offering new levels of creativity in production and post-production.

The CineAlta 900R is the latest generation of HD cameras, carrying a wider range of electronic features than its predecessor. The frame rate switchability of the camera allows 24, 25 or 30 frames per second Progressive scan capture, as well as a choice of either 50 or 60 Hz Interlace (PAL or NTSC capture), all at the push of a button. When the CineAlta 900R is set to a 24p frame rate and a shutter speed of 1/48th of a second, it captures moving images the same way a 35mm film cine camera does.

Contrast range has been extended, so too has Hyper Gamma curves as well as Highlight handling and Multi-matrix. Multi-matrix allows for color correction in the camera of a certain detected color of up to 20% of its original hue.The camera also has a built-in down converter which allows monitoring from 2 HD SDI outputs.

You can also elect to equip this camera with the latest in viewfinders - a 3 inch Sony Color HD screen. It’s a joy to use, giving DOPs a clearer view of the image to be captured.

Also included in our package is the Slow Shutter/image inverter board. With this, the shutter speed can be adjusted from 1-frame to a 64-frame period. This long frame period delivers more light to the CCD and effectively increases its sensitivity. This is the same effect as leaving the shutter open on a 35mm stills camera at night; it provides operators with the capacity of capturing more creative images, especially with moving objects.

The image inverter board also allows for the use of image inverting lenses, Anamorphic Lens adaptors and cinema lenses with the B4 mount.As part of our kit, we can provide at an extra cost an RM B150 - a control for remote color correction, shutter and VTR control, from a distance of up to 25 feet. Very handy for jib work. This allows for memory stick parameters to be put into the camera, and consistent ‘looks’ to be carried from camera to camera.

All the CineAlta 900R needs is your creative input. You may choose to use Andrew Stankovich as your DOP, you may use your own favorite DOP, or we can recommend one for you, to suit your production.

We supply the CineAlta 900R as outlined above, always with a qualified HD camera assistant.

See our separate rate card for details.

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