Vital Images

From time to time we will be placing links in this page to some of our videos, so that you can see what we've been doing - and what we are proud of.

We will be showcasing some of the shoots involving the amazing Sony AltaVista 900R High Definition camera or our expertise with our Steadicam systems.

We'll also be showing shoots with some of the other cameras in our inventory.

The first video we're including on this site is a 30-second TVC for SA Great.

We've also provided Steadicam services for the making of music videos - note that in both these instances, we worked under the direction of the project's DOP. Here we provide only a small snippet of each video - should you wish to view either clip in its entirety, please contact us. This we did for band SuperJesus, and this one for Madison Avenue.

To view our videos, make sure your speakers are switched on, are not on 'mute' and the sound is turned up. We've designed these videos to be seen via Broadband connection, on Flash 7 or above.

We would be happy to show you other examples of our work which might be more in keeping with your needs.

To arrange a no-obligation chat, ring Andrew Stankovich on 0412 829 299.

Our PRIVACY POLICY is simple: where you may contact us by email, we undertake that we will not reveal your email address to anyone.